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    devastating truth

    Come on History Channel. Show me "The Women Who Were Innovators but Confined to the Home" or "The Races Who We Give No Credit To"

    one of these things is not like the others?


    The truth hurts but it can also set you free.

    little red ridding hood, or a deadly weapon? US banded the interesting story book cover becoz they hv a bottle of wine in the little girl's basket; meanwhile, they let people hv guns at home which can cause far too many damage in this free country than the wine does... is that the choose u have made for your kids? (design copied from

    15 Black Uprisings Against European and Arab Oppression They Won't Teach in Schools - Atlanta Black Star

    Ralph C. Lincoln, 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham

    Noor was ran over and killed by her own father in a parking lot in Arizona because she had brought "dishonor" to her family because having her picture taken with boys and wearing modern clothing was too Westernized for her father's taste.

    Did you know that "In God We Trust" was added to America's paper currency in 1957 in response to the Soviet Union's anti-religious stance and the McCarthyist Communist Cold War Witch-hunt? Looks like Church and State are coming together....

    The Truth

    "The corpse of a woman lies in an open coffin at the Hadamar Institute where she was put to death as part of the Operation T4 euthanasia program."


    One of the most iconic images in American history: On Nov. 25, 1963—his third birthday—John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes the casket of his father, who was assassinated three days earlier.

    irish slavery | What if Blacks never came to the Americas as slaves - Page 5

    Kabul. 40 years ago in comparison to today.

    "Poverty is the parent of revolution & crime".

    circa 1920

    Inmates, Buchenwald Concentration Camp.