“Linda Susan Agar, Shirley Temple’s daughter, just turned 2 and her gift is a Hawaii trip. Mother and daughter are leaving today for a threeweek jaunt.” Press Photograph dated January 30, 1950.

Shirley Temple with husband John Agar and their daughter Linda Susan

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple with her children, Charles, Lori, and Linda Susan, 1959.

Shirley Temple, six years old.

Shirley Temple and her mother, before fame.

A very young Shirley Temple, 1930.

The marriage of Sgt John Agar 4th Air Force and Shirley Temple. September 1945.

Shirley Temple and her first child, Linda Susan. 1940s.

Cary Grant, Dyan Cannon, and their daughter Jennifer

Shirley Temple

Duke, Henry, John Agar, Shirley Temple - Fort Apache, 1948

Baby Shirley Temple, 1920s.

Shirley Temple

Lauren Bacall and daughter, Leslie Howard Bogart

Shirley Temple in 'The Bowery Princess'

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple and her baby girl. There's nothing like old-fashioned mother and child photographs!

Shirley Temple, 1940s.

Shirley Temple. What a gift this beautiful child gave us.