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Recipe: Mandu Doenjang Guk – Korean Fermented Soybean Paste Soup With Dumplings

Yachae Saewoo Mandu (Shrimp & Vegetable Dumplings) 야채 새우 만두

Kimchi Daeji Mandu (Kimchi Pork Dumplings) 김치 되지 만두

Duk Guk (Korean Rice Cake Soup) | AsianSupper Just use gluten free soysauce or tamari.

My guide to perfect Korean dumplings – aka mandu

My guide to perfect Korean dumplings – aka mandu

Duk-Mandoo-Kuk ( 떡만두국)_ cimg2980.JPG “Duk” means rice cake “Mandoo” means dumpling “Kuk” means soup.

Pork Dumpling Soup ("siu gow"). Learn how to make these delicious pork dumplings at home with this easy recipe.

Simple green curry dumplings made with caramelized leeks, green curry paste, and cooked mung beans. Everything is thinned with coconut milk and then mashed and smashed a bit. Otherwise known as big hugs. :)

MySimpleFood: Wonton Dumpling Soup aka My Wonton Soldiers