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want need 252 More random things I dont need but kinda want... (34 photos)

More random things I don’t need but kinda want… (34 photos)

SmartMeasure Measuring Cup Concept is a simple and brilliant idea. This digital measuring cup with.

Stacked Optic-Glass Beverage Server, cute home accessories.

Would like to own this in my future house. serve the best cocktail and juice with close family and friends Stacked Optic-Glass Beverage Server at Horchow. Awesome for entertaining

the Pasta Man sings opera when your noodles are ready...awesome.

Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer.Al Dente Operatic Pasta Timer - Put This Figure in Boiling Water With Pasta and When It Is Done, The Man Sings Opera!

I like only having to get one tool out of the drawer.

lemon knife and zester - so clever for baking, making lemon-infused drinks or cocktail garnish

Corn Kerneler from Wanelo. what a great idea. I love "corn-on-the-cob" OFF the cob. lol

Corn Kerneler Kitchen Tool With Stainless Steel Blades - for fresh corn for salsa, casseroles, etc (or for your kids with braces).or Kevin who doesn't eat corn off the cob.

Easier way to scoop and stack your ice cream #product_design

Just like Thrifty's used to scoop their ice cream. I what that Easier way to scoop and stack your ice cream

The Yolkr! Niet dat ik het geloof...

Yolkr - The incredible egg yolk separator by Hamish Dobbie, via Kickstarter. A simple, novel and incredibly good looking kitchen accessory for separating egg yolks from egg whites

https://www.youniqueproducts.com/TripleEz 832-422-7874

Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper and more Interesting Gift Ideas at Perpetual Kid. Give a hoot and make all of your eggs cute with our Funny Side Up Owl Egg Shaper!

Beautiful way to store all those recipes I print out...and then lose.

Beautiful way to store all those recipes I print out...and then lose.

Bath stones that keep bath water warm! I need this! they are called "Warm On" bath stones. as of January 2013, they are just in "concept" phase. hopefully they will sell them soon!

Perfectly Warmed Bath: the pebbles are sensor-fitted heat-radiating artificial stones that maintain the water temperature for a set duration. So from start to finish you can have the same water temperature.

I want one of these! On amazon; $15 for 2.

My husband would love these bowls! He's a soup and cracker eater. Set of 2 Ceramic Soup and Cracker Mugs

Batidor separador de yemas.

Handy whisk // separates egg white from the yolk as well as whisking! Whisk and egg separator?