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yes please!

This quote describes a part of me because it touches on how everyone sins and people should acknowledge it. Knowing that at some point, everyone has sinned, everyone has made a mistake, then, you can accept that the mistakes themselves can be different. This describes me because I like to think that I am generally very accepting of people with different lifestyles and try to keep an open mind.

Girls have no idea what a guy see's has more truth & will never be forgotten you lying, cheating whore

Did you know, Dr. Seuss's wife donates money to Planned Parenthood AND sues the large corporations who use this quote in pro-life brochures and ads.

True friend should only ask, "why arent you loud!!!!??? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!!!???? I WILL MURDER THE PERSON THAT CHANGED YOU!!!!!!!" At times when you arent yourself(or something similar to this! Because they will already know exactly who you are just by hanging out with you!

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