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Falling over and over for you

both people get their hearts broken from time to time in marriage

I Won't Accept PAIN with the words " I LOVE YOU" Added on..I KNOW REAL Love.. It DOESN'T HURT.. xox

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20 Best Tumblr Love Quotes

Please hug me really thight and tell me you love me. Tell me you're glad to be here with me. Tell me that everything will be alright and that I make you happy, and glad to be alive. More

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A Love Quote

To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten. My Joe

They Asked Him How Is your Life He SMiled And Said She Is Fine

We both said we werent going to fall in love and I remember saying I just want to.tell you people always fall in love with me.and you smiled and said well im just not looking for that right now and I said I agreed. That was the last time we ever said anything like that again. We fell so deep in love.