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Sevenly. They feature a different charity every week via apparel. Portions of the profit go toward the charity. It's pretty sweet!

HOW SEVENLY WORKS For every $22 shirt purchase we give $7 to this week’s charity. One design. One week. One cause. - This week your purchase will help an abandoned baby in China become adopted. Other causes: slavery/human trafficking, hunger, poverty, medical and disaster aid. Variety of shirt designs.

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Community Post: A Love Story In 22 Pictures

What a great story! A Love Story In 22 Pictures

IMAGINE: You're born into a poor country with a major deformity. Society believes you're cursed. You can't go to school or live a normal life. This is life for 14 year-old Aregash and hundreds of other kids. This week we're funding life-changing surgeries that will allow them to walk and live a normal life! Help them here ►

BE THE CHANGE YOU HOPE TO SEE IN THE WORLD. When you get this shirt you support kids with cancer! Each purchase sends JoyJars filled with toys to brighten their darkest time.. learn more:

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I am my son's mirror.

"It is said that as a wife, I am my husband's mirror.  I reflect back to him his successes or failures.  Through my responses and behaviors towards him, I am showing him the image of who he is, and how he is doing, as a man. ...