generations photo -- i love this!

great xmas card idea... this family does a GREAT one every year! Or just a great family portrait.

Generations photo idea @Jane Izard Izard Layman...figure how this would go lol it is confusing me!

make shadow messages by cutting out words on poster board and holding it in the sun for a picture - cute gift idea for anyone.

Very original idea.

Der Mann am Mond

#Babyfoto : der erste Kampf


Funny idea

what a cute idea!

This is a portrait shot by a photographer of her grandmother at 21 on the left and 92 on the right, composited in Photoshop, 2011.

Father's Day Gift I made for my husband.

Cute idea

Now & Then

perfect family picture

The concept behind this photo is great, you have a large group, so break them up with different heights and don't be afraid to space them unequally apart.

Cute family photo idea

Ideas Ideas Ideas!