Helen Keller and Patty Duke

Helen Keller with Anne Sullivan

Did you know that the FBI kept HELEN KELLER under surveillance for most of her adult life, due to her radical views? Click for a history:Here’s what they don’t teach: When the blind-deaf visionary learned that poor people were more likely to be blind than others, she set off down a pacifist, socialist path that broke the boundaries of her time—and continues to challenge ours today.

Actress Patty Duke with Helen Keller

Then and Now!

THIS IS a famous photo, taken in 1894 of Alexander Graham Bell, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller (seated). Bell introduced Keller to her famous teacher

Shirley Temple signs her first film contract, 1932~

I have never seen this photo before. It brought tears to my eyes. ** Jacqueline Kennedy comforts Coretta Scott King, 1968.

Otto Frank, Anne Frank's father and the only surviving member of the Frank family, revisiting the attic they spent the war in

Short & Sweet dachshund poster

Helen Keller

President Obama gives Maya Angelou the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the land. A well deserved award, and a particularly poignant moment captured on film.

George Takei at Rohwer Concentration Camp where he was interned as a child. "We Japanese Americans must not forget our wartime internment" - and the rest of us must not forget it either.

What a heroic ladyThe truly inspiring story of the Chinese rubbish collector who saved and raised THIRTY babies abandoned at the roadside

Helen Keller 1880 -1960

Isaac W Sprague (1841-1887), Living Skeleton. He was normal until age 12, when he started to lose weight. By age 44 he was 5'6'' and weighed only 43 lbs. He was examined by many eminent physicians who gave no diagnosis other than a general wasting syndrome. He ate as much as 2 normal sized men and carried a flask of sweetened milk to revive himself when he felt faint. He married twice and had 3 average sized sons. He died at age 46 after working in sideshows since he was 24.

A Gibson Girl in her corset in the early 1900s. Those poor women!

The Queen's mother-in-law. Princess Alice of Battenberg (1885-1969) was the mother of Prince Philip. She was born deaf, but read lips in several languages. She married Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark in 1903 and had 5 children. Her family was exiled from Greece in 1917. Her later years were devoted to charity and she founded the order of nuns known as the Christian Sisterhood of Martha and Mary.

Anne Frank

Dachshund or doxie necklace captures the adorable doxie silhouette outline silver tone lobster claw clasp

Prisoner - Vietnam War