Mainstays Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag: End sneaker tumbling and get some peace and quiet while your sneakers dry. This Mainstays Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag prevents that annoying tumbling noise and allows your sneakers to dry, but not - OF COURSE!!! Need an American friend to purchase & ship....

Use these greeting card messages to help you find the perfect thing to write in a card to your friend or family member.

Make Baby Steps If you are only able to take one of the above steps, you will still be able to save money. Find a system that works for you and stick with it. Saving on food costs will take some effort, but meeting your financial goals is definitely worth the work!

"Drip dry without the mess.... What a beautiful way to dry boots and so inexpensive." Maybe with black, grey and white stones? Placed in front of the closet all year? I have been decorating black stones. Still lacks the rest of the stones & the 2 trays...

Use magazine holders as storage for your flip flops. Looks great, easy to access, and best of all, no more ugly shoe boxes!

1 Container with an airtight lid; 4 sponges cut in half; 1 cup of your favorite fabric softener; 2 cups water. Mix the water and fabric softener. Add the sponges so they soak in the mixture. When ready to use, squeeze the excess liquid from 1 sponge and place into the dryer with your wet clothes. Run the dryer cycle as normal. Once complete place sponge back into the container of liquid for use next time. Clothes smell good, are soft and have no static .

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