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Ornamental round floral lace pattern. kaleidoscopic floral pattern, mandala.  Stock Photo

Illustration of Ornamental round floral lace pattern. vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

by quinn.anya, via flickr

“Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness.” -Bryant H. McGill - I might not be of the Buddhist religion but Lord Gautama Buddha brings me peace and tranquility.

Triangle sequence down the back of the arm.                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus #base_of_neck_tattoo

I really like the placement of the arm one. I've never thought to put it there. The arm has the alchemy symbols for fire, air, water, and earth.

Huh... So there is an actual meaning behind "Om". I learn something new everyday! Ommmmmm.....

ॐ ~ ღ OM (A-U-M) . the One sacred sound from which all word variations originate.Considered the "sound of all sounds" because it originates from the sounds of nature.


from 'meditating with children' by deborah rozman, 1975 Tried teaching my kids meditation and it went a bit awry to the point that they now think that your body will levitate if you do it long enough.

For me, grounding and being centered on the Earth used to be a deep challenge. I had a million ideas, profound amounts of energy and no way to focus it all. I was an intense bolt of lightning, striking every which way.

CHAKRAS / An ancient philosophy / now a hot trend / Balance your body and mind using an ancient Eastern wellness belief based on seven energy centers that govern all your organs and work together as one system yet independently.

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