A yellow chair to lighten up your office space. typography A. Nice baskets of old cotton with typography print and a very nice hema color nail polish i bought this summer.

every time i look at this, i notice something different. mattress springs inspiration board? cheese grater pencil holder? 1/2 table nailed to wall as desk? on & on.

Small-Space Home Offices

A wall-mount desk provides the perfect base for a home office. details, such as an old studio chair, graters repurposed as utensil holders, and a bed-spring memo board, give this space a complete look. Great idea for my small closet!

Literary wallpaper from Swedish wallpaper company Mr Perswall

I like the idea of folding chairs for easy movement and to create room when needed. Love the wall - decorate differently than the rest of the kitchen to create the feel of a separate space

Proforma - Elegant och sobert

modern unique stylish apartment Impressive Modern Arrangements Within a Relatively Small Apartment

Industrial Interior Design on Budget

Kitchen and dining room modern designs. The wall between the kitchen and dining room has been knocked through to create a large open-plan space. A rustic dining

Höst restaurant, Copenaghen

Local, organic, sustainable—the prime ingredients of New Nordic cuisine are also the hallmarks of Höst, designed by Norm and the design brand Menu. Höst by Norm Architects, Copenhagen. Named “THE WORLD’S BEST DESIGN RESTAURANT by T+L Design Awards

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Contrasting 1930s villa with an industrial & vintage décor