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Love The People God Gave You Because One Day He Will Need Them Back.

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Never give up on a dream. Another pinner said, "This is important. I remember, in my twenties, saying that I didn't want to finish college because by the time I was finished, I'd be thirty years old. Someone asked me, 'If you don't finish college, how old will you be in 3 years?' And I said 'Thirty.' So this quote is true. The time will pass, whether we accomplish our goals or not."

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Never blame anyone...

Success is more than a big bank account. It's how you FEEL about what you DO to make that prosperity happen. Not feeling satisfied? Maybe there are a couple components missing yet... Copy / Distribute / BE EXCEPTIONAL

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"Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten." >> Yep, It's a hard truth that certain people have yet to learn...and I will never forget what you have said, and I'm not sure even if it can be forgiven...def hard truth.

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Good words to live by.