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Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. #quote Life Quotes , inspirational quotes , Friendship Quotes

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No excuses

Martin Luther King

One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! True Love

Dream big...reach your goals...my motto

Tim Tebow!

Oscar Pistorius

Do not settle for less than exactly what you want. Your heart's desires are there for a reason. Chase them. Pursue them relentlessly. Do not lose sight of your goals. They are your very reason for being.

What's your excuse again?

100 Traits of a Toxic People Eye opening, I see a lot of myself in here... Makes me realize my need for my savor! In our weakness He is strong! I will never be a perfect friend but recognizing our flaws is the first step in self progress! The first step in knowing our need for Gods grace is recognizing how evil we truly are with out it! Total depravity