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Monster Manners File Folder Game... children read what the monster say and decide if they are using good manners or bad manners.

I like the phrasing here: peacemakers vs. peacebreakers (as opposed to "on task" and "off task.") Other great ideas here for teaching children different manners and chores. (I like the idea of "Dusty" the dust pan)

Monster Manner File Folder... good way to teach good and bad behaviors and it not be about what they are currently doing.

Beginning of the Year Team Building Pack! Packed with 30+ team building, get to know you, and ice breaker games and activities to use those first weeks of school!

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This is a "good manners tree" with values on the "roots" (respect, kindness, empathy and patience) and manners on the "branches" (please, thank you, no thank you, you're welcome and excuse me). The tree "grows" (slit the background paper and make a loop and tape it to the tree part) as kids "water it" with good manners.