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06 Tijd van Regenten en Vorsten, 1600-1700 --- 1). Handelskapitalisme en het begin van een wereldeconomie: In de 17e eeuw kwam het handelskapitalisme tot bloei en ontstonden wereldwijde handelsnetwerken. In de groeiende wereldeconomie speelde de Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie een hoofdrol. De West-Indische Compagnie was actief in gebieden rond de Atlantische Oceaan. De handelsposten die de VOC (groen) en de WIC (blauw) in de 17e eeuw stichten

Pepper - one of the important and profitable spices that were traded by the Dutch. It was so expensive that there is still a saying in Dutch from that time: 'as expensive as pepper'.

In the late 18th century, the Qing Dynasty of China ruled over 36% of the World's population on just 10% of its land. The Chinese Empire at this time was six times as populous as the far-flung Spanish Empire even though its land holdings were less. The Qing was also long-lived, surviving up to the 20th century, when the entire imperial system was wiped away by republican revolution.

2000 cash 'Bao Chao' made during the 9th year of the reign of the Xian Feng Emperor, of the Qing Dynasty in 1859 AD..

This image depicts the desperate situation in China at this time. Many Chinese citizens were broke or going broke and severely addicted to this now illegal drug. Some Chinese even traded their families like their wives and children or even their houses.

On April 27, British parliament passes the tea act in 1773. It gave the British east India company control over the tea trade. It created protests among the colonists which led to the boston tea party.

A sepoy (an infantry private in the British East India Company's army) mounted on a camel, circa 1857. One of the Indian soldiers who assisted the British in suppressing the Indian Mutiny 1857/India's First War of Independence.

1900. China. Boxer Rebellion takes its name from the term foreigners used to designate the members of the secret society known as the Righteous and Harmonius Fists.