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30 best book series for kids ages 8-12 summer reading list

great list of fantastic series for kids ages 8-12. great books to put on the summer reading list!


Phonics SECRETS™

Cute and short little 'secret' stories to help kids remember all the tricky letter and phonics sounds- my class refers to these posters constantly!

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How to Make an Accordion Book

Handmade books have always been intriguing just for the simple fact that they are unique. I decided to look into making my own books and portfolio to make me stand out when I went for job interviews. I had a collection of logos I had designed and I...

from Scholastic Teachers

Michael W. Smith Discusses Reading Unbound

Very interesting video! Michael W. Smith Discusses <em>Reading Unbound: Why Kids Need to Read What They Want — And Why We Should Let Them</em>

from Scholastic Teachers

Teaching Tips for Inspiring Reading: Read for Pleasure

What's a great way to get students motivated to read? This teacher explains why reading for fun, instead of obligation, is a crucial first step.

from Scholastic Teachers

Teaching Tips for Inspiring Reading: Be a Reading Role Model

What's a great way to get your class excited about reading? This teacher explains why being a reading role model is crucial.

from Parents

How to Help a Reluctant Reader

When her son turns out to be a reluctant reader, Suzan Jackson finds that creating a story just for him does the trick.