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Laavli tentacle fingers for every1!

Finger Tentacles-A pair of slither finger tentacles to give anyone the willies? What a tentacular idea! The finger tentacles will scare your children, your loved one, your grandma and even your pets. Each pack comes with 1 Tentacle that you can slide

New 20" Funny Plush Red King Crab Hat Costume Party Cap:Amazon:Toys & Games

This crab hat is sure to make your friends and family laugh. Walk into the room wearing one of these.I dare ya!

Squirming Tentacle USB anyone !?!...doesn't actually do anything ... but it does wiggle about !! ha ha ha

USB Squirming Tentacle Is Delightful Waste of Space

thehauntedrocket: “USB Squirming Tentacle Simply plug this USB Squirming Tentacle into your USB port and it will fill your computer with unspeakable evils. The USB Squirming Tentacle will draw a small.

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tentacle - Google Search

tentacle - Google Search

tentacle - Google Search

Howie Woo - Inspired by a tragically sad news story from 2001, Howie Woo commemorated the memory of one Shirley Stockdale through a crocheted creation. Short s...

Tragically Sad Crafts

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Les Amis - a sculptural cabinet design by Vincent Leman

Les Amis - "The Friends"

Les Amis: "the friends" in French. Les Amis celebrates friendship as the two pieces embrace, side by side. A modern, sculptural piece, Les Amis will stand as a