Late 1800s Almandine Garnet Ring, English, 9K, 325 $ -- Late 1800s Garnet Colored Paste Ring, American, 10K, 290 $

Antique Diamond & Opal Crown Ring Late 1800s

Late 1800s Turquoise & Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring (in the online shop)

1890s Coral Ring, 10K Gold (sold)

antique engagement ring

1900s English Edwardian Pearl Bracelet, 15K Gold (sold)

1870-80s Turquoise & Rose Cut Diamond Ring, 10K Gold (sold)

Late 1800s Renaissance Revival Citrine & Hessonite Garnet, Diamond, and Enamel Necklace

Antique Garnet Victorian Locket Brooch Pendant 1800s Jewelry

Antique Victorian 10K Gold Garnet Ring - Size 10 Edwardian Late 1800s Early 1900s Fine Jewelry / Artistic Swirls

1920s Little Deco Signet Ring, 10K, Size 5.5 (sold)

Victorian Garnet Brooch Locket Pendant Large Antique 1800s Jewelry




Some new diamonds. Look at that turquoise and diamond one! I can imagine no nicer turquoise and diamond ring.  And there are a couple more big diamond rings that are being fixed up a bit.  They’ll be in next week.   (all but the top ring have sold)

Antique Victorian Necklace Bohemian Garnet Sterling Silver Flower Vintage 1800s

Garnet Brooch Late 19th Century

1870-80s English Victorian Turquoise Cluster Earrings, 9K (sold) These are the best Victorian turquoise cluster earrings I’ve seen.  The turquoise is very high quality and beautifully set, and there’s almost no wear at all.

1980s Opal and Lapis Ring, 14K, (sold) I’m pretty sure I’ve never needed to start a jewelry description with “1980s” before.  I try to avoid buying anything newer than the 1950s.  But this ring was too good to pass up, and it definitely has its roots in Art Nouveau.

1800s Victorian 14K Gold Carved Shell Cameo Brooch