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Tender loving care ~ we had a dog that brought home baby rabbits.. and tried to care for them.. It was amazing..

Deer and Rabbit are unlikely companions

Horse and little lambs. Katie Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Kepsel I knew you would love this.

Making Friends-- at the kissing line:) . You just had one too many, hongey, it is only one kitten.( pointing at moiself). You're just having triple vision, that's'll feel better in the morning;)

Baby bunny. He must be a French opera singer. Do you see his moustache?

bunny Julie Forrest Forrest Forrest Jablonski

This bunny chasing a bunch of carrots tied to a roomba. | The 33 Most Important Bunny GIFs On TheInternet

This is Bucky. I've been watching him grow since 2008! He's my fav little lapin!