Shaving Cream Slip-N-Slide

I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO THIS! maybe end of school party? Inspiring Ideas to set up your very own Back Yard Water Park {}

paint, liquid water colors, sudsy bubbles, shaving cream,

Keep your kids busy this summer with these 25 boredom busters from the dollar store!

100 Fun Summer Ideas for the Whole Family – Geared Towards Younger Children (Pt. 1 of 4)

Bubble solution: 12 cups of water 1 cup of dish soap 1 cup of cornstarch 2 Tbsp baking powder

Shaving cream with food coloring mixed in.

Homemade ice chalk! An art, sensory, and science activity perfect on a hot summer day.

Summer fun. Grown ups will have fun too. A trip to the dollar tree is in store today.

Ice Cream kids toy. Fun!

Shaving cream slide- simple Summer fun!

25 Cheap to FREE boredom busters to keep kids having fun and make mom's day easier!

Water balloon slip and slide

glow in the dark bubbles, Definitely want to make these one day!!

29 Dollar Store Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer

Freeze small toys in a block of ice...let kids try and get everything out (salt, hammers, water)... My 3 year old LOVED this. He asked if I could buy him another one at the store. :) I used a cake pan and froze in 2 layers. Kept him busy for solid hour without stop to get them all out. :)

Movie night snack necklaces....stroke of genius: road trip necklace!! # Pin++ for Pinterest #

A way for the kids to keep parents accountable for summer plans!

APRIL - This craft is so much fun! Easy enough for a toddler to do and the results are GORGEOUS. Every egg will be different and the children are always amazed with the results.

Jellycat 'Bashful' Bunny | Nordstrom

Sharpie and Solo cup stained glass. Supplies needed: Sharpies, clear plastic cups, hole punch, string/ribbon. #holidays #kids #crafts #moms