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  • Desiree Sewall

    Some thinking that eating less will help but in turn it can make you store fat and lose muscle or refrain from adding muscle to your physique. Proper nutrition and calories is extremely important. Boot Camp, Meal plans available at hit us up for more details.

  • Ashley Vasquez

    just as too much exercise can hamper your progress, too little food with do the same

  • brendasblessed

    Eat a nutritious diet!

  • Heather Kehret

    Eating right is just as important!!

  • Priscilla Leitner

    Eat every 2-3 hours or 6 small meals a day. Eat real food... Minimal processing and listen to your body with exercising...

  • Krystal Sun

    I need to remember this one.

  • pleinedevie

    Back Exercise Making Your Back Work For You, so don't forget to eat healthy.

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best exercise pin i've ever seen. most of the other ones just make me feel guilty about things i shouldn't feel guilty about. don't let your body image consume your mind. everyone should try to be as happy and healthy as possible, but remember that there are a lot worse things in life than gaining a few pounds.

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What to eat before and after your workout. I would recommend coconut or almond milk in place of the low-fat milk for the smoothie. Also, add in a handful of spinach or other green to make the smoothie even more powerful!

Dedication is a choice between what you want now and want you want most.

AMEN!--- All those people who make themselves feel guilty because they eat badly once or twice Also just want to replace fat and skinny with healthy and unhealthy ** thanks

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