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" You can’t spell play without LA" Outdoor spaces designed with children in mind are vital for good health. The growing obesity epidemic in developed countries has been linked to poor diets and physical inactivity. There is a positive correlation between playing outside and high levels of physical activity, suggesting that outdoor play areas are key for healthy children. Children that spend longer time outside achieve longer spans of concentration, are less sick........

The True Face of Minimalism Minimalism appeared as a movement in the 60’s and 70’s in different forms of art. The main concept behind minimalism is the elimination of all residual forms, complexities and all unnecessary details in the art form representation. This process would result in something basic, clear and pure. In architecture, the immense success has won over considerable numbers of people to building their own minimalist homes.

Imagine a park where you can play, learn about biology, discover knowledge about animals, and learn about the bioremediation process. Ultimately this park helps in the conservation of native plants and, in conjunction, forms a piece of art and all the components such as human use, infrastructure, hydrology, plants, and animals are mutually supported.

30 idei fabuloase - Amenajarea gradinilor pentru familiile cu copii Daca ai copii si iti doresti sa se joace cat mai mult afara, in gradina, atunci iti prezentam 30 de idei - Amenajarea gradinilor pentru familiile cu copii

Water conservation is becoming more and more an ever evident occurrence in our daily lives in the western world. While underdeveloped countries have dealt with the extreme effects of droughts for decades, the Western world has escaped much of the hardship through quick fix solutions. These include damming rivers, piping water halfway across the landscape and installing more and more irrigation. Something’s gotta’ give, sooner or later.