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HOT pink! Black and Zebra! I never would've thought to wear zebra print shoes with this, cool.
Zebra zebra zebra everywhere.  Maybe if I get her this...she will be more inclined to be my personal housekeeping slave..
looks comfy and cuteeee
Safari sight seeing - be inspired to wear prints when admiring natures beauties
baby Mountain Zebra. Zebra, Zebras are several species of African equids (horse family) united by their distinctive black and white stripes. Their stripes come in different patterns, unique to each individual. There are three species of zebras: the plains zebra, the Grévy's zebra and the mountain zebra. various anthropogenic factors have had a severe impact on zebra populations, in particular hunting for skins and habitat destruction. Grévy's zebra and the mountain zebra are endangered.
just another add to my imaginary iphone case collection. :D
paw print tattoo sketch photo: Animal print nautical star march1009.jpg