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  • Ashley Majdan

    Clean silver jewelry- line a small dish with aluminium foil, a handful of baking soda, toss in your silver and top with boiling water. It instantly removes tarnish chemically free! Rinse jewelry in cold water afterwards.

  • Diana Stevenson

    Cleaning Silver Jewelry - Line a small dish with aluminum foil, a hand full of baking soda, toss in your silver and top with boiling water. It instantly removes tarnish chemically free. I need to do this.

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Baseboard Cleaner! First vacuum around them, then use: 1/4 cup of fabric softener 1 gallon of water A microfiber rag With this method, you can easily clean any leftover dust or grime and repel any future dust since the fabric softener naturally repels static electricity (which attracts dust).

Paint buddy by Rubbermaid ~ empty remainder can of paint into the paint buddy and touch up when ever you need to

How to get those yellow stains out of clothes and linens that have been in storage. Put yellowed items in a large pot of water. Add 1/4 cup salt and 1/2 cup baking soda. (Alternatively you can do this same method using an oxygen bleach.) Hot hot hot water!

For a heavy shelf, mirror or framed art that needs to be hung by 2 screws. OK thats just genius

Pour 1/2 cup baking soda and then 1/2 cup of vinegar. Cover up the drain during the crazy chemical reaction. Wait 15 mins and pour a pot of boiling water. It totally clears up the clogged drain and it's easier on the pipes than Drano. Works every time!!

Revive dried out permanent markers with a dip in a bit of alcohol.

When painting something, use a few push pins in the back of the object to lift it off of the table. No more sticking to whatever its painted on.

how to clean stuffed animals that cannot go through the washer! good to know!

GENIUS. I think this is a must have for travelling...would save a lot of ziploc bags! Keep the mess in the towel, then throw the towel in the laundry when you get home from your trip.

ring remover

Homemade Icepacks. This is so cool - you use plain doesn't freeze totally solid but like those gel packs you can buy where you contour them to your body.

It makes your eyelashes grow: Lather Vaseline all over your eyelashes overnight and watch them thicken, even without a prescription! To Soften dry and cracked elbows. Dry cuticles: Store a mini-Vaseline container in your purse and utilize for emergency dry cuticle moments. It is a misconception that Vaseline clogs pores, so smear it all over your face, neck and arms for softer skin. It eases eyebrow plucking: Tame your eyebrows and lube up the under-skin so you can pluck with ease. To make your accessories look brand spankin’ new: New job interview? Scuff the crap-ol-la out of your patent leather heals thanks to pitcher night? Put a small dab on your shoes and shine away! It’s your new exfoliating body wash: Mix with sea salt and come out of the shower feeling soft. And sexy. Can be used to smooth and soothe skin after shaving. Bonus - For Halloween - Once you carve your Halloween pumpkin, rub Vaseline on the exposed edges. it keeps it from rotting or going dry.

Clean your silver jewelry and serving pieces with a cool homemade solution of salt and baking soda!

Use a rubber band. No drips on the side of the paint can!

Towel bars as lid racks!

homemade mod podge

slide an old pillowcase over a fan blade and slide off to clean and catch the dust

Book shelf - genius. curtain rods and fabric.

diy febreze