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FUN St. Patricks Day game for kids! Get out some wiggles!! Partying with @myprintly #‎CMYK‬

Play These Games at Your St. Patrick's Day Party

These are so cute! I want to make some!

I& over Valentine& Day, so when I returned to school Monday morning, I took down the reds and pinks and put up some green. The hearts cam.

$ St Patrick's Day Mini Book

St Patrick's Day Activities - Read and Color Mini Book

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St Patrick's day idea 'lucky to have a student like you' ~ could also say 'lucky to have a teacher like you'

DIY St. Patrick's Day..."I'm lucky to have a student like you!", or "This is your lucky day!"

DIY St. Patrick's Day "Lucky Loot"

St. Patrick's Day craft

Patrick's Day craft: Rainbow Popsicle sticks make a "lucky to love (or have)" or "lucky you're my ____" frame.

Fruity Cheerios Rainbow!

Cheerio Rainbow Craft with Color Matching

Learn about Ireland for St Patrick's Day Through Books and Crafts from

Preschool Geography: Discover Ireland

Introduce geography to preschool age children and travel to Ireland for St Patrick's Day with a book and a simple craft.

Leprechauns Letter: To me lad/lass [child's name]-  I’m sorry for all the mischief and trouble  But I had to leave in a hurry–on the double,  For me fellow leprechauns and I  Have many more tricks to play by and by.  I’m wise to your trap, though it is quite spiffy.  Here’s some gold for you, gotta run in a jiffy.  Me lad/lass, you are clever, but try again next year,  To catch a leprechaun, from far or from near.  Signed,  Colin McDoogle    Or Patrick Finnegan, or Lucky O’Reilly.

Leave a Letter From The Leprechauns

Letter From a Leprechaun to Your Kids. Easy copy and paste, then pair with some chocolate gold coins.

Use potato stamps or heart cookie cutters to make shamrock prints.

Here’s a fun St Patrick’s Day craft idea, courtesy of Disney FamilyFun magazine. Green Shamrock Stamp Spread the luck o’ the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day with a homemade shamrock stamp.