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Nice to the Waiter letterpress poster

so true

Stop caring so much about everything! Other peoples opinion, upsetting the people around me who dont give upsetting me a second thought. Be the selfish one sometimes and just see if it really is the key to happiness! Stop being so stressed and miserable!

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Narcissists are opportunists that put on a fake mask/persona. If you are "real" and authentic, your chances of being the narcissists target are very high.

This picture "If your mind is so closed, why is your mouth so open?" relates to racism because people that are racists are considered closed minded people and people that are close minded shouldn't have anything to say about a race they don't know about.


Can't stand people who pretend to like you. Being fake is not a respectable quality, being honest is.

It is NOT maturity to fake liking someone. Maturity is saying hello and walking away. Or just not going near. If you do the opposite, maybe theres a reason the other person and you don't click. They can see through your BS. Be real.

Personality vs. Attitude. so true about me!!

Stand Up..Say The TRUTH.. Be A Leader..Not a Follower.. Take Responsibility For Yourself.. Apologize When You Make A Mistake.. Don't REPEAT it.. BE STRONG.. I Love You Both..xox

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