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    I'm seriously contemplating just biting the bullet and building a freaking loft for the tiny apartment I'm bound to end up in...

    I have a thing for kitschy kitchens, which is difficult to say out loud.

    I live in constant search of a bed that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have in wide view in a studio apartment...this may be it...

    DIY: chalkboard paint on party glasses. This is a freaking great idea.


    boy or girl, i love this kids room.

    There's something about a place that looks like a person could actually live there.

    this gave me an idea...paint swatches as art?

    A repurposed suitcase coffee table. It's cool looking and you can hide junk in it.

    Honeycomb shelves. Very funky.

    Adorable ottoman.

    An old roadmap cork board. I think it would be fun with an NYC subway map...

    It looks like art. It's actually storage. Awesome.

    I want this thing in every place I live until I die.

    Backyard Scrabble. Or just a whole room for Scrabble, doesn't need to be outside...

    I'll take the bed AND the adorable dog, please.

    I know my friends well enough to know a sleeper sofa is essential. That or an air mattress...

    Awesome chair I can't afford. Available from metrosofa on Etsy.

    My country home? Build it on the Hudson with a view of the cliffs please, thanks.

    So cute! The kitchen, that is...Well, Rachel and Susan and Poppy too.

    Yes, I have a crush on Rachel Maddow. I really have a crush on her kitchen though. So kitschy.

    Books and liquor. How perfect.

    Such a great idea. via Apartment Therapy