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well played Wal Mart... well played

I think Walmart is onto something here...

Well Played Product Placement Guy, lol Cause every girl needs chocolate at that time of the month.

Hahaha Thank god my kids don't want to dress trashy! I'll take my tom boys over that any day!

That's awesome! My husband was like heck yeah I will do that to our kids. Wear that shirt too, "oh u like short shorts so do I. c'mon kids we're movies" oh how I love my husband.

I would love to do this to my husband. (insert devious laugh).

Funny Pictures – 39 Pics~I don't know why I find this so funny, but I do.

This is even funnier when you read it then look at his face!

ah-good-sir-i-do-believe-i-have-shat-my-pantaloons.jpg pixels Ah good sir I do believe I have shat my pantaloons. This is the best meme of all time.

Best. Advertisement. Ever. My life philosophy on a Krispy Kreme's ad... is that a bad thing? LOL

Life philosophy according to Krispy Kreme. Awesome ad campaign, and excellent advice about everything in life.the key is balance, moderation, self-control, and common sense. The reality is that everyone just needs and deserves donut once in a while!

Friends! Be thankful for the job you have: it could be worse!!

Funny pictures about I will never complain about my job. Oh, and cool pics about I will never complain about my job. Also, I will never complain about my job.


19 Things To Warm Your Cold, Dead Heart - Humor Addicted

I am ashamed to say I laughed at this. A Lot.

Paper strip signs

Funny pictures about Paper strip signs. Oh, and cool pics about Paper strip signs. Also, Paper strip signs photos.

You know this had to be a problem more than once to warrant a sign

i wonder how many people tried to exit through the milk before they put up a sign.

Have kids they said. It'll be fun they said.

Having kids is literally like dealing with drunk people all day. The cats face in the last picture is priceless!