Fabulous game to reward kids for speech, language, literacy, anything! I used to get quite competitive with it!!

25 awesome '80's toys you never got but can totally buy today. Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie WHAT?! I had this Barbie and now it's $250.

Vintage McDonalds SUPER SUMMER, Happy Meal Toys - Beach Ball, Pail and Rake- 1987- ( 3 Piece Set ). $12.00, via Etsy.

The first time I heard of people fighting for Christmas presents was over... The Cabbage Patch Kids

Natürlich hatte ich auch ein Tamagotchi - mein Ziel war es immer, die "Bösen" zu züchten. Die waren viel interessanter!

Bop magazine, pre teen girl heaven. Sad that actor Jonathan Brandis ended his life. He was one of my preteen crushes back in the day.

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