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    ~ ...and in his mind he was at the ocean ~

    • Fla

      There are certain pictures I can never take. We turn on the TV and are smothered with cruelty and suffering and I don’t need to add to it. So I just photograph peaceful things. A vase of flowers, a beautiful girl. Sometimes, through a peaceful face, I can bring something important into the world. • Edouard Boubat, Paris, 1991. Photo: Rémi écoutant la mer, 1955 par Édouard Boubat

    • sharon

      Édouard Boubat. Rémi écoutant la mer, 1955. Remember when you believed that the ocean was inside a seashell.

    • Marzia Giommi

      Photo Beautiful Children and nature© Édouard Boubat

    • Christine Amisano

      'Remi, Grandson Of Photographer Edouard Boubat, Listens To The Sea Through A Shell' (1995) by French photographer Édouard Boubat (1923-1999). source: getty images. via 121 clicks

    • Rossena Pe

      Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) Edouard Boubat was called ‘peace photographer’ by poet Jacques Prévert. He is a poet with a camera. His work is part of the great tradition of French photography that includes such masters as Brassai, Bresson and Doisneau. He is quoted as saying, “my favorite photo is always the last one that I took“. He died in Paris France in 1999.

    • Lisa Law

      Edouard Boubat, Rémi écoutant la mer --Put the shell up to your ear. Can you hear the ocean?

    • Cat Laine - Painted Foot

      I'm trying to decide how much time as a photographer do I want to spend photographing children (i.e. what proportion of my overall business). Where I stumble is in figuring out how much time I need to spend with a family to get natural looking portraits like this. I rarely see photos that make me feel like this when looking through pro photogs websites. I DO see them in pics photogs take of their OWN children or when the kids are unaware. Rémi écoutant la mer, 1955. Photo by Edouard Boubat.

    • Vitrola na Vitrine

      Vitrola na Vitrine - Pictures - Photography - Kid - Shell - Edouard Boubat

    • Patter Richie


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    She told the seashell her story, whispering every secret her memories held. Then she laid the shell at the ocean's edge and watched the tide pick it up and carry it out to sea.


    beautiful child

    Swing high and jump!


    girl child

    float boat

    Seeing this perfect, happy little face helps keep things in perspective. All that we feel we need, we don't, and all our worries are minuscule to the universe. Namaste.

    Nothing but a G thang.