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1. buy a bunch of faux flowers keeping with one color pattern or theme. 2. get fabric glue and yard of craft wire 3. Cut the wire or rope bigger than the circle you'd like to have on your head. If you choose the wire, wrap a thin ribbon all around it and tie it at the end in a knot. 4. Pick the flower buds off the stems and glue the buds and a few leaves wherever you'd like.

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How to secure fresh flowers in your hair with u-shaped hair pins. You could match your bouquet!

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DIY liquor bottle candles. Follow same intrusions as beer bottle glasses. Use yarn soaked in nail polish remover, tied about the bottle at the breaking point and then light it on fire. Let burn for 20-30 seconds rotating constantly, then dip into ice water. Bottle will break exactly where the yarn was tied!

FUN!!! Mail a cake. Doing this for birthdays, you've been warned.

You CAN make an awesome tiara out of pipe cleaners. | 32 DIY Prom Accessories That Will Make You The Coolest Kid In School

I'm repining this for all of the other genius ideas as well. Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (41 Pics)

Queen Annes Lace Hand Embroidery Home Decor Linen #home decor #embroidery Rose Pendleton Pendleton Waterrose