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  • Allison McTiernan

    great idea! Make your own chocolate cups. Looks like make water balloon, and dip in chocolate a few times. Put drop of chocolate on parchment paper to keep upright. Would probably clean the balloon first.

  • KAYAK Ice Cream

    Fill your chocolate bowls with Kayak Tsoureki Ice Cream and impress everyone at the Easter table! #kayak_inspiration #kayak_icecream #icecream

  • The Krazy Coupon Lady

    make chocolate dessert cups! Get the ice cream for inside with these coupons

  • Deborah Strube

    Chocolate bowls for ice cream. No instructions, just pictures but pretty easy. I bought the small water balloons and they are the perfect size

  • Rosemary Spielman

    DIY: Chocolate Bowls & Ice Cream. Great idea

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Pity you can't get edible string. :) Could cut a round of sponge, top with cream or cheese cake, then with berries.

Chocolate dipped cupcakes! Awesome idea! This is I have to try it out !!

Dip It, Burst It, Fill It, Eat It! Fun! Use Baloons to make chocolate bowls The cups are just made out of melted chocolate. Try one with low milk content so it’s not as soft and hardens quickly. If you melt chocolate chips dip the balloons in them and let them harden at room temperature, they’ll stay solid like that. @Angela Kasten

Love to try this but with white cake instead

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