WAKE UP AMERICA!!! INSANITY .... TSA found '0' terrorist. Border Patrol Agents found numerous illegals and were ordered to let them go ... into the US.

We the people

Share with as many People as you can!

Illegal alien facts

Me too!!!!! Throw the scoundrels out and get some people that are not corrupt and who have a backbone.

Welfare was never intended to be a career opportunity. ((I have *ABSOLUTELY* no issue w/ those who *NEED* help getting it. My issue is w/ people who manipulate the system and get things that they don't deserve simply bc they refuse to work or LIE and say their situation is different than it is....))

American patriot - An answer to those lib-tards who defend Obama for doing NOTHING to protect our slaughtered people in Benghazi!


JUST because she is a Bad Ass!!

lobbyists or their companies money!?!.....ISN'T THIS THE TRUTH.......ANOTHER REASON WHY I'M VOTING FOR "TRUMP."

Africa, Famine & Poverty...instead Obama gives our money to the muslim brotherhood. Thank God for your blessings today.

Obama seems very out of the loop - or something much worse!

How can you excuse all of this??

Obama truth

.are you awake yet????

Obama is Nothing more than Another Useful Idiot to the Actual Perpetrators whose end goal is to Destroy America.


Liberal logic!