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Puppy paws! here to find out more

This is by far one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen aside from willy

This reminds me of that song that goes: It's like your my mirror oh oh a mirror staring back me staring back at me

I order it at once, human! You must listen to me as I am cuter than cute and sweeter than sweet and more spoiled than someone could ever fathom! You still love me too, and we all know no one can resist this cute lil' face of mine ♥

Who could resist a Sheltie puppy? They are the most beautiful dogs in the world!!

i'll take that thank you :) || Going Home to Roost this seems like something you'd enjoy...

Sorry followers, I pin lots of animal pictures and funny things when I'm upset so bear with me!

Maltese are the most precious little baby things! Once you have one you'll never want anything else