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I am an Army wife and Proud of it!!!


chasing hoebags: It really isn't that hard to be faithful. If you seriously have to have attention from a man - then you definitely do NOT need to be married to a Military man.TRUTH (Girlfriend, still the same)

Don't Be THAT Military Spouse, too funny

Don't Be THAT Military Spouse

Don't Be THAT Military Spouse. I haven't had much contact with other Military wives but this was a funny read!

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all night.”

Long Distance Love Quotes for Deployment

Looking for love quotes to help get you through a long-distance relationship? Here are 40 long distance love quotes to help make the days and nights go by.

'I am so sorry your husband had to go away for a night. That must be so hard!' -Said no Military wife, ever.

Not that I have the experience of most military wives, but I still thought this was funny! Kudos to the REAL military wives out there!

i just want my best friend back :(

this is how I felt when I saw other military couples at the airport after you went through security

Sacrifice, Strength, Courage and true love - MilitaryAvenue.com

being able to say that you know the true meaning of sacrifice, strength, courage…

Pinterest resources for #milsos and #milspouses! Definitely following these accounts! (oh, look #NavyHousing is listed here!)

19 Must-Follow Pinterest Accounts for Military Spouses and Significant Others

Every time

you know you're in love with someone in the military when you feel instantly connected to that stranger with the military bumper sticker.I am guilty of this.

Yes, I'm a military spouse. And yes, I have career dreams.

Yes, I am a Military Spouse. And Yes, I have career dreams i want to have my,own gluten free shop.

Hand Lettered "Open When" Envelopes - Going Away Present - Pre-deployment gift - Military Care Package Idea, Long Distance Relationship | set of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 50! Customize your pack! #ad

Hand Lettered "Open When" Envelopes - Going Away Present - Pre-deployment gift - Military Care Package Idea, Long Distance Relationship

Fabulous Army Life: Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

It is hard no matter how many deployments you go through, especially when you have kids. But as time goes on you do get stronger and it gets closer for his return.

So true.  We've experienced both great support and needed extra support during our deployments so far.  A great article for anyone wanting to minister to military families and a reminder to me to be a better friend to my friends when their spouses are deployed.  It is a difficult sacrifice.

Dear Civilians: What Every Military Wife Wants You to Know