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We have three objects, sun, moon, and earth, vastly different in size, in vastly different distances from each other, that, during solar and lunar eclipses, appear to cover each other exactly. Coincidence?

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Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit

Flags at the site of the Rio+20 summit, at Copacabana Forte. Preparations for the event pale in comparison to the Rio Earth summit in 1992. Photograph: Antonio Lacerda/EPA - Rio+20: leadership and reform pave the way towards the future we want - Yvo de Boer: Stable regulatory framework and the right incentives for corporate transparency will drive transition to a green economy

Mercury as photographed by Messenger spacecraft

Today's historic solar eclipse ©wacamera: 給料3ヶ月分のレンズで撮影したんだ!ってプロポーズ…だめ?

I could spend all day and night looking at the sky if life didn't get in the way. And if it wasn't so dang cold outside.

The most beautiful things are mostly hidden. Until you discover them, you see, will you truly understand the true beauty behind someone. You just need to learn how to open your eyes, and see clearly. ♥

oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

Milky Way over Minaret Lake / Sierra Nevada, California