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Willies Crazy Bread Recipe from the Duck Commander Kitchen

Freshly baked bread ...she loves the smell and loves to eat it fresh out of the oven with butter!

bread day --- Reminds me of Mom's and Grandma's. I never did master the art.

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes.....if you haven't made this you are missing out. I always have a container of the dough in my fridge.

5 tips for breadmaking. Bread is my next culinary adventure. YAY!

You can also do this in soaked Terra Cotta flower pots that have never contained dirt or....Yuk!!!! Chemicals!!!!

FABULOUS post on flours: different kinds, what to use, how to measure, etc!

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WHOLE grain bread, I have to agree with this blogger "suspect that much of what people believe they are allergic to in bread products (whether whole wheat or otherwise) is not so the gluten but the additives, such as dough conditioners, flavor enhancers, and preservatives" are the real problem.

Bread Rolls - from Aisha Yusaf's Photostream