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    Febreze Murderer

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    I know this gonna make me seem like one of those "three kinds of people" posts on Tumblr but this would be the PERFECT murder weapon, as long as you use it while it's still hard & sharp & you're in an area without witnesses or cameras. Stab someone & run. When it melts, they won't figure out the weapon & obviously no fingerprints & it's untraceable.

    I laughed so hard.

    I am actually dying right now.

    I seriously can't stop laughing, im laughing so hard I'm crying!!!

    What a nightmare, but this sounds like it would happen to me. You know when there's a sale they can't

    I apologize PROFUSELY for the language, but... seriously, I just laughed years of my life away over this.

    I'm dying I seriously showed this to everyone I know and still can't stop laughing

    Be The Ball

    So bad...

    Something My Mom Would Say...

    Marky Mark Twain – Buy Me Brunch

    This is hilarious :) I can't stop laughing

    I laughed so hard.

    i seriously cant stop laughing. peeps on tumblr, i wish i could buy you all a drink. the last one about popcorn literally made me guffaw.

    I laughed, hard.

    I am laughing so hard.

    seriously though

    So gonna do this one day