5 Strand braid

Bohemian Side Braid--I need new ways to style my long hair so I dont get the itch to chop it off.

Five strand waterfall braid!

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Do a normal braid, then hold onto the middle strand and push the 2 sides up the braid...@Nicole Ess @Jennifer Cobb

How to do different braid styles.

Braid Hairstyle Tutorial


Cool, but looks difficult...especially to do on myself :/

Infinity braid

Braided hairstyle

Abella's Braids: Rope Braid Tutorial

Next to learn - dutch braiding 4 & 5 strands

reverse pull through braid and standard pull through braid comparison

The Bow Braid

Hair, How to braid 101 (French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, 4 strand, and 5) GOOD TUTOTIAL

Did this for Jilly on Thanksgiving. It was adorable! Not insanely intricate, but looked amazing. Stayed in for 2+ days, and got tons of compliments. Princess Pentagon @ Princess Piggies. Website for all kinds of hairdos for little girls.

fat and skinny braids

Braids Braids Braids!