Funny pictures about New friend request. Oh, and cool pics about New friend request. Also, New friend request photos.

very true. wish others knew this.

Tangled is one of my favorite Disney love stories. If ever someone chooses me, I want that someone to love me like Eugene loves Rapunzel. And I want someone I can love like Rapunzel loves Eugene.

Tangled.  Love that movie <3

Screencaps all credit to the movie Tangled. I arranged them to create a common "Escalated" meme. I thought this was fitting Tangled Meme

Tangled يا حلاووة .. الطاسة دى شكلها سخنت اووى :D :D

It's called a frying pan, Flynn. You probably have one in your kitchen. I love frying pans.



I want a castle. <<< I want to meet Misha Collins. Plus, I want a castle.

my favorite thing to say at school

This reminds me of Anya in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. LOL Stay calm and fear bunnies?

XD "I have dreams like you -- no, really! Just much less touchy-feely, and they usually happen somewhere warm and sunny... on an island that I own, tanned and rested and alone, surrounded by enormous piles of money!" ...His dream sounds awesome to me. Bahahaha

"On an island that I own, tan and rested and alone, surrounded by enormous piles of money." Yup, his dream sucks.