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    Another pinner said "Eight common practices that cause problems sleeping through the night, and how to avoid them. hey New mommies out there PIN THIS!! This is exactly how I have put my baby to sleep, she is 18 mos now and she practically puts her self to bed."

    Sleep train your baby in 7 days. Must read

    Great advice!

    Its so hard for me to hear my baby cry, but sometimes I just have to do it! Good advice, and its good to know I'm not the only mom who lets her baby cry to sleep sometimes.

    Great info....What every parent should know about water safety

    Great article on baby sleep training!!! The 7 Worst Baby Sleep Training Mistakes You Can Make. (There are also links you can click on to learn more about various issues)

    0-3 Month Newborn Sleep Guide ~ My Baby Sleep Guide - Your baby sleep problems solved!

    Good advice for when gas keeps your baby awake!

    Ways to carry a baby and how it affects their development over time. Please every mommy read and pin this! :). This is very well researched and written.

    Infant Brain Stimulation: Things to do with baby, by age

    Seven days to better baby sleep habits

    Child spacing and what no one really tells you. Backed by studies done on different age gaps

    Must try these baby massages, apparently it puts children into such a good sleep.

    Great collection of tips to help babies sleep through the night if only lyla would sleep!!

    36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New might want to pin this one! (Baby gift ideas!)

    Dirty diapers? Yes. Sleepless nights? Of course. A pimply, pointy-headed newborn -- what's up with that? Let us clue you in on the biggest surprises about newborns.

    Not for me, but have some friends that are expecting... This method on baby #1 I think might work but I doubt it would work for us now

    VERY interesting read... How common carrying devices affects your infant's development backed by scientific studies. It is amazing how our bodies are physiologically attuned - when a small infant is held away from its mother its HR drops, temp decreases and immune system declines. Moral of the story: HOLD and CARRY your baby as nature intended, don't just place it in a series of seats, carriers and strollers!

    Living Textiles Reversible Muslin Sleeping Bag (Baby & Toddler) available at #Nordstrom

    When you’re expecting and not sleeping well, it’s hard to find the energy to prepare for the demands of new motherhood. Whether you’re suffering from leg cramps or raging nighttime heartburn, say goodbye to restless nights with these ten helpful tips.