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    (1) Tumblr Job 19:25 MY REDEEMER LIVES!! #God #Jesus #Life #Salvation #Christian #Quote #inspiration

  • Belle South

    Job 19:25 My Redeemer Lives He Lives #christovereverything god christ hope love world life faith jesus cross christian bible quotes dreams truth humble patient gentle


    As for me, I know that my #Redeemer lives,... #bible #scripture #faith #Job 19:25

  • Justin Arcy

    Job 19:25 "AS FOR ME, I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES, AND AT THE LAST HE WILL TAKE HIS STAND ON THE EARTH" - Choosing to trust during adversity: Job was a good and righteous man who walked in the ways of the Lord. In fact, his righteousness prompted God to say of him "There is no one like him on the earth" (Job 1:8). God blessed Job for his righteousness, and so job earned the title, "the greatest of all the men of the east" (1:3). Yet Job endured unspeakable suffering. Though he had done nothing, he lost everything - his family, his wealth, his reputation, even his health. If that weren't enough, his wife and his friends offered him no real comfort. Job's Friends told him that he had suffered because of some hidden sin in his life. Job is a stark biblical example of a fact we need to understand: even those who are right with God will suffer. Will we allow this suffering to tear down our faith or build it up? These are only choices. Job chose to trust God, his redeemer, and he was rewarded for his faith. "Brokenness is God's requirement for maximum usefulness". "disappointments are inevitable; discouragement is a choice". "we learn more in our valley experiences then on our mountaintops". "the dark moments of our life will last only so long as is necessary for God to accomplish His purpose in us" - all quotes by Charles Stanley. - JBA 12/6/13

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But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. Psalm 33:11

"My prayer is that people see Jesus in us more than anything else." | worshipgifs.tumbler

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cute doodle style... and hey, they my saying :) ... I've been wanting to make a print for awhile that says "you are loved by the King"

good idea for a logo. maybe in place of a flagpole use a candle with smoke hosting the words?

My affection for intellectual conversations explained brilliantly.

its starts from you, so believe what I know... you are amazing! After all I know you best and I see what you may not, so until you see it too, let me give you the words of encouragement you need, the hand to hold, and the shoulder to lean on! I love you both!

If you Change nothing...nothing will change!! quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons. dreams. goals. motivation. inspiration.