Amy Ramsey's images of fanciful animals surrounded by flowers and foliage. Her art is made of hundreds of tiny shells glued on a fabric-covered surface. She uses these little sea treasures, with their glistening colors and ornamental shapes, to create a whimsical universe linking nature and art. Who would guess that a butterfly's wings are coquina shells, a snowflake is made of sand dollars' teeth, or that a lion could flaunt a mane of seaweed?

Find a flat piece of wood to use as a canvas. Then, find some broken clam shells to use as flower petals and tiny whole shells to use for the centers. After laying out the flower designs, hot glue them directly to the driftwood and add some wood for the stems.

Set of Three - 4 inch Natural Baking Dish Shell with White and Aqua Shells, Aqua Beads and an Aqua Satin Bow with Gold Edge

Fabulous beach house decorating accents! Large imitation silver clam shell with 4 more additional antiqued silvered shells inside - think about these in an grand foyer or for holiday decorating at the shore.

This Adorable Calico Seashell Angel is handmade here at Sea Things. This Angel is calico pink in color. All shells are natural in color. She is really very pre

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