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"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." A great thing to learn when it comes to life. Flaws are what make us all human. Don't hide them embrace them. Reading the perfectly flawed series.

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I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. Although as an author I am responsible for making readers understand--a reader who doesn't understand is an unhappy reader. (And there is some value to leaving some questions unanswered.

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"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." (the light always replaces the dark) -Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

And I'm definitely not brain dead, so don't ever think I'd go back to you.

I'm a good enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you again. (I'd be wise to remember this one!


"a hot mess" -Mindy Kaling Love her, she cracks me up & if this isn't 💯 truth, I don't know what is.

Kiss. Love. Smil.

Life is short Break the rules Forgive quickly KISS slowly, LOVE truly LAUGH uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you SMILE - Samuel Clemens

Welcome to my Journey — my-quotes-about-life: Quotes About Life #NewPost...

*** It's not the lies that bother me,.NO they bother me,but I agree with the part that mentions ," the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive".

Thinking Out Loud: Plot Twist

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on. I'm gonna have to yell plot twist a few times a day then