Use peppers to hold dip on vegetable tray.

As hard as you tried to avoid it, you were put on the list for veggie tray. Well bring your veggie tray with a bang, and put the vegetables in their own cups with ranch. Not only is the portion size great, but keeping the dressing separate keeps it from getting on other food.


Vegetable Tray Ideas

I need to remember this. This is a great idea when summertime comes! How to cut a watermelon more efficiently.

Lots of ideas on how to arrange different food platters

Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad YUM-O! throw a few chicken breasts on the barbie and you got yourself a meal! #food #summer Foods Grilling Recipes #recipe

♥ A Hungry Frog Shaped Melon Bowl Dessert

Shower food idea!

Fun shaped veggies

Love this idea!

Food idea

Cut a baguette on an angle, scoop out a little, fill with dip, add a few strips of veggies

Allrecipecenter: Neiman Marcus Dip

The Best Spinach Arjtichoke Dip Recipe

Bacon-wrapped Shrimp & Pepper Jack Cheese - I know someone who would love these

great idea for a party so everyone isn't crowded around a dip tray and double dipping.

Veggie Flowers...easy! Would be cute for a vegetable party tray.

puzzle cutting boards - I saw these on cup of jo a year ago and i still want them... they fit together! and hold a glass of wine!

Veggie tray alternative