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  • Natalie Sugg

    Favorite Movie. A must to see at least once a year. Bring's back childhood memories.

  • Movie Timeline on Pinterest

    Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" (1939, dir. Victor Fleming) #movie #hollywood

  • Elizabeth Schmidt

    Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz (1939, dir. Victor Fleming) "Follow the, follow the, follow the follow the yellow brick road..."

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Where troubles melt like lemon drops Away above the chimney tops That's where you'll find me...

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West in 1939’s  The Wizard of Oz.

Hand operated automaton sculpture by automatonman on Etsy

I am so glad they decided to change the color of the shoes from silver to red. The impact is much greater this way; they never would have popped on the screen if they were silver.

THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939) A girl falling into her own story. ::Poster by Aaron Wells::

The Wizard of Oz-My father could not believe that every year they put this on tv and every year I watched.

THE WIZARD OF OZ - 1939 - Who doesn't love this movie? I'll never forget the anticipation of the yearly broadcast hosted by Danny Kaye when I was a kid - my heart would pound, my tummy would flutter & the creepy witch & those damn flying monkeys never failed to give me nightmares! But I LOVED every minute of it!!