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from National Geographic

Global Warming Effects Information, Global Warming Effects Facts, Climate Change Effects

Found on Pinterest search engine. Nigel Tyson, 2007, National Geographic. The pin is a quote supporting the existence of global warming and refutes the hoaxes that state global warming is made up. I plan on directly using this quote in my presentation because Nigel is a well known and well educated man and what he says supports my main points.

Climate change is upon us & we are still failing to make a determined joint effort to address it. The Climate Change talkfest has proved politicians, by & large, are happy "just to go through the motions". as they "sit on their hands"! We need to 'boot them up the rear end" folks! NOW !


How is climate change impacting the water cycle?... — Posters For GOOD

Read what Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say to science-denying "flat-Earthers" who don't believe in climate change

What's the Deal with Carbon?This animation describes the carbon cycle and how it is affected by human activity. It was featured in the Sustainable Shelters exhibit at the Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota.

from Plant Based Bride

The Truth About The Dairy Industry

Animal agriculture is turning our planet into a toilet. Let's save our planet by reducing our meat and dairy consumption today! Facts from Cowspiracy, graphic by Plant Based Bride.