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    Beans! Beanlight and the Pirates of the Carib-Bean-an are quite funny. I really lost it though at Beanin Beanber and Prince William and Duchess Bean .

    Such a meaningful post.

    Probably one of my favorite tumblr posts ever.

    I know everything you read on the internet is true because they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true!

    I am laughing so hard right now !! The last one!! Lol!

    Thanks! Now I will be awake all night wondering if caterpillars actually know why they are spinning cocoons :/

    The blind glasses are soo clever I am rejoining these for the funniness plz ignore the horrible language used in it though!!!

    Baby Got Back! (I almost choked I was laughing so hard)

    Like a fancy British woman…<< Where do you find posts like these? I mean… I WANT TO BE PARTT OF THIS!

    me and friends seriously like had this conservation before and i want someone to make this happen