John Wayne

El Dorado, John Wayne, 1966 ~ sentimental because I grew up watching John Wayne with my dad and I always thought that my grandpa looked like "The Duke" (from his cowboy hat right down to his boots).

John Wayne

A true Hero, a Man's Man and a Gentleman Cowboy, The Duke was my kinda guy!

He and his drinking buddy, actor Ward Bond, frequently played practical jokes on each other. In one incident, Bond bet Wayne that they could stand on opposite sides of a newspaper and Wayne wouldn’t be able to hit him. Bond set a sheet of newspaper down in a doorway, Wayne stood on one end, and Bond slammed the door in his face, shouting “Try and hit me now!” Wayne responded by sending his fist through the door, flooring Bond (and winning the bet).

Where have all the men gone? We have completely de-masculinized the men in this country. I'm tired of the dumb man comercials and the falsetto voices. Bring back my John Wayne! "Life is tough, tougher if you're stupid.

John Wayne

John Wayne - The Cowboys He was one of my favorite actors way back when. My mom's favorite actor was John Wayne. Cowboys are the backbone of this country.

John Wayne -- The Duke.  He was "the man" in our home and we saw everyone John Wayne movie that came out.

Movie Stars of Old Hollywood: John Wayne. Favorite Western actor of all time! Loved all his movies.

John Wayne In The Alamo

Richard Widmark (playing Jim Bowie), John Wayne (Davy Crockett), Laurence Harvey (William Barret Travis) and John Dierkes in The Alamo,

John Wayne and Dean Martin take a break from filming The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) to cook some pasta. Duke was also friends with another Rat Pack member, Frank Sinatra.

Dino Crocetti and Marion Morrison (John Wayne, the Duke) - getting their hands on spaghetti.

john waynedevo

Glen Campbell sings: "True Grit" from the movie of the same name in tribute to John Wayne.

John Wayne

June Actor John Wayne (born Marion Robert Morrison) dies of cancer at age